Beer! That’s what we do. We challenge ourselves everyday to make the perfect beer. From lagers to saisons, hop bombs to session ales, sours to barrels. Never rushed, we use open top fermenters when it suits the style and all our beers have a secondary fermentation in the can and keg to create that extra special touch of balance and complexity.

Balance, ingredients, process and a mind to the occasion and the season. We’re brewers first and brewers last. We care about ingredients and who we buy from. We brew up collaborations with nut growers, coffee roasters, artists, bars, butchers, bottle shops and other like-minded brewers.

Keep real to the craft.


Our first brew was served in April 2013.¬†Things were different back then!¬†Craft beer was only just getting noisy¬†when¬†owners¬†Ben Rylands and Mirela Suciu turned heads in Uralla by¬†announcing the opening of¬†a¬†brewery. There was one¬†basic question ‚Äď why. Well¬†back in 2003‚Ķ.¬†when¬†Mirela¬†and¬†Ben¬†were¬†travelling around Germany¬†–¬†Mirela‚Äôs home country¬†‚Äď they were sitting in a¬†Kneipe¬†(small community¬†bar) in¬†a smalltown called¬†Meissen¬†in¬†Saxony.¬†Watching the¬†locals‚Äô¬†loyalty¬†and love¬†for their local beer,¬†Meissner¬†Schwerter, they wondered why¬†the same thing couldn‚Äôt happen in an Australian smalltown.¬†Having studied in Armidale¬†and¬†being¬†familiar with the region,¬†Uralla¬†was the¬†perfect fit.

Starting with all second-hand equipment, the brewery opened with two beers on tap and two in longnecks. Remember longnecks! Now you can visit our more grown-up brewery with a canning line, lab equipment and much bigger tanks.


Nestled amongst the granite hills of the New England our special smalltown of 2,400 people sits at an elevation of 1012 metres. It’s pretty damn cold in winter and pretty damn perfect in Summer.

We’re halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, so when you’re on the New England Highway, don’t drive past. Stop for the day or night. Bookshops, antiques, museums, coffee and on the edge of some of Australia’s most rugged National Parks.

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