What’s different!

Our equipment makes our local brewery different to most. Our brewhouse and fermenters came from Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth and are about 35 years old. We love them, especially the open fermenters which give our beers unique characteristics.

Basically, open fermentation allows unpleasant aromas to escape from the fermenter during fermentation. This is especially useful when adopting unrestrained fermentation techniques with our Belgian styles. Unrestrainedmeans we let the yeast do its own thing, without trying to control the fermentation temperature. It’s common for our Saisons to reach 28-29 degrees and then slowly cool during the last stage of fermentation. By doing this we extract the most flavour possible from the yeast strain.

Open fermenters also have the added perk of allowing us to easily harvest yeast from the Krausen instead of the bottom of the tank. Our fresh house yeast is used in all our American and English style beers.

Lastly all our beers are naturally carbonated by way of a secondary fermentation in the keg and bottle. This leaves a small amount of yeast in the bottom of the keg and bottle, but allows us to create creamy heads and improve shelf life as the secondary fermentations reduces the amount of oxygen in the beer.

Local ingredients

All our beers are brewed with pale malt that comes direct from Joe White Maltings in Tamworth. We only use Australian hops in our year round beers.

We also love to use local spices. This year’s Summer Farmhouse is spiced with New England Strawberry Gum, a local Eucalypt and we’re just about to brew a light Golden Ale with Citrus Glauca (Desert Lime) collected from the Pilliga.

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